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Ruby is the most trendy & most gorgeous gems on the planet which belong to the mineral group corundum. The colour of rubies ranges from pink to blood red; red is the shade of appreciate, exuberance, interest, vivacity, and weaknesses power. Ruby is popular to function as August birthstone; a ruby has everything a precious rock may need- lavish shade, exemplary excellence, and excellent hardness. In astrology, ruby represents the sun. Rubies are mainly mined in Thailand, Cambodia and Afghanistan and first mined in Myanmar. The price of rubies depends on its colour and clarity along; the redder and clearer the ruby is, the higher the price will be for the ruby. Popularly known as the capital of the international gem and jewellery trade Bangkok (Thailand) is the source of many luxury gemstones like ruby. A ruby is the stone of Sun and implies power and courage, a Ruby Gemstone will fill an extraordinary energy to accomplish any task with the fury of the sun to the wearer. It should be worn of three to nine entrenched in gold specially in ring finger on Sundays. Ruby gemstone is concerned with several health problems like blood circulation, stomach and eye sight etc. It is lucky for those people born on 1. Ruby gemstone will give the power to earn. The shape of this ruby gemstone is round or oval. Ruby gemstones bring happiness, satisfaction, success, health, luck, and helps to away from troubles. PLEASE MAIL FOR SPECIFIC REQUIREMENT ,SO COMPANY CAN PROVIDE THE INDIVIDUAL IMAGES OF YOUR REQUIREMENT WITH SPECIFIC INFORMATION.PLEASE FILL ENQUIRY FORM

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