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e>One of the four most precious stones of the world comprising of rubies, diamond and emerald is Sapphire gemstone. Sapphire gemstone belongs to mineral corundum group, the sapphire is the birthstone of a Taurus born on September and believed that it will bring the person protection and not allow the brain to lose its sharpness. Mostly found sapphire gemstone colour is blue, cornflower blue is the rarest and the most beautiful shade of blue out of all the blue sapphires. Also available in silky orange and bubbly pink colour. Sapphire, the blue variety of the mineral corundum, has long been one of the most highly esteemed of precious stones. Sapphires can be found in several countries around the world such as Sri Lanka, Kenya, Madagascar, and even in some parts of the United States. After diamonds, Sapphires are the second hardest gemstone. Different kinds of shapes and cutting styles are common with sapphires such as Ovals, cushions, and rounds, along with other shapes such as the heart or emerald cut etc. Top-selling colour in sapphire is blue. Blue sapphire is symbolized sincerity and faithfulness. Yellow sapphire become very popular among people recently, these stones are available in shades from the palest yellow to intense yellow-gold. Yellow sapphire is one of the safest gemstone which helps to increase financial status. Sapphire gemstone brings wealth and has the ability to stay the hope alive. It is believed, Sapphire Gemstones drive away mental tensions and unwanted thoughts, helps people to focus on a particular thing and calming the mind.All are individually certified by govt. labortary or recognised depatrment. PLEASE MAIL FOR SPECIFIC REQUIREMENT ,SO COMPANY CAN PROVIDE THE INDIVIDUAL IMAGES OF YOUR REQUIREMENT WITH SPECIFIC INFORMATION.PLEASE FILL ENQUIRY FORM

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